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What Is a Turo Clone?

The car rental industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by software solutions that enable customers to conveniently book trips via their smartphones. The car-sharing market is projected to increase by $135 billion by 2027, making now the perfect time to embrace the digital business era. A Turo clone is a peer-to-peer car rental platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive fleet management system from a single dashboard. This versatile platform allows businesses to handle thousands of ride requests and operate in multiple locations seamlessly.

Features Of Turo Clone Script

Inquisitive Dashboard

The admin is provided with an intuitive dashboard that displays analytical data through charts and summary figures. It offers insights into past rides, user registrations, overall earnings, and many other valuable metrics. This comprehensive overview helps the admin make informed future decisions based on the data presented.

Pricing Details

The Turo clone script enables customers to receive detailed invoices for their trips directly within the app. These invoices include the ride's price, taxes, and any additional costs. Both the admin and drivers can access the entire history of prices charged for past rides.

Set Preferences

For added convenience, customers can set their ride preferences in advance. They can request their favorite drivers through the app and choose additional options such as handicap accessibility and baby seats to ensure a comfortable ride.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The platform supports multiple payment methods for ride payments. Customers can use e-wallets linked to their bank accounts, which require a minimum balance. Additionally, cash and card payments are also accepted, providing flexibility and convenience.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track drivers in real-time using maps to see the driver's arrival status. Drivers can navigate to the rider’s location using real-time maps in their app. Both riders and drivers receive real-time updates on their statuses through their respective apps and panels.

In-App Chat

Riders can communicate with drivers via in-app chat for ride updates, eliminating the need for phone calls and ensuring privacy. Additionally, both riders and drivers can chat with the support team to resolve any technical issues within the app or panel.

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Turo Clone App Essential Features

Here are the features offered in our Turo clone app that streamline your business transactions:

Riders App

Choose Vehicle

Customers can select vehicles that best suit their journey needs from the options provided by drivers.

Emergency Contact

Riders can add emergency contacts in the app for quick access during emergencies

Share Referral

Customers can share referral codes with friends or relatives to earn perks offered by the admin .

Favorite Driver

Customers can mark their favorite drivers to ensure they get rides from them whenever they book a trip.

uber clone app for book a ride

Driver’s App

Upload Documents

Drivers can upload necessary documents directly through the app, which are then verified before they can start offering services.

Track Route

Drivers can use the integrated map feature to track routes to the customer’s location easily.

Payment History

The app provides drivers with a detailed view of their payment history, including invoice details, prices, taxes, payment modes, and discounts.

Go Idle

If drivers remain idle after receiving a warning notification, they will automatically go offline. They can change their status back to online when ready.

uber app clone driver app for provide service

Admin Panel
uber app clone driver app for provide service

Offer Promo Codes

Admins can create promo codes for customers, which can be applied under specific conditions like maximum uses or completed trips.

Add Dispatchers

Business admins can add dispatchers to manage ride dispatching tasks using the integrated features in the admin panel.

Add and Edit Services

Admins can add or update service offerings, such as different types of cars and their respective charges, directly from the panel.

App Settings

Admins can adjust basic app settings for various countries, including adding currencies, languages, and other trip-related details.

Dispatcher Console

Categorized Rides

The dispatcher panel categorizes drivers based on their status, such as active, arrived, started, online, and offline.

Request for Riders

Dispatchers can create ride requests for customers, input their details, and assign rides to drivers directly from the panel.

Add Bank Info

Dispatchers can add their bank details to receive profits in their wallets and withdraw funds directly to their accounts.

Request List

The panel displays a comprehensive list of ride requests, providing detailed information for analysis and the option to export data to an Excel sheet.

Partner Console

Request List

Manage incoming ride requests from the partner panel, assigning drivers to complete the rides efficiently

Manage Cars

Business partners can update vehicle details and assign vehicles to drivers as needed.

Earnings Details

Partners can view and export their earning details from the panel, allowing for offline analysis and record-keeping.

Add Bank Details

Partners can add their bank details to receive earnings directly from the admin into their accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Turo Clone App

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1-2 weeks

The primary technology stack of the Turo clone app includes React Native, Python, JavaScript, Nginx, PostgreSQL, and additional components.

There are some factors which affect the cost to create an app like Turo. But if we talk about the starting price it may cost around $10,000.

Certainly, we incorporate multiple languages into our platform, allowing users registered on it to communicate in their preferred language, as permitted by the admin.

The Turo clone consists of several specialized modules that facilitate the entire online car rental business. Riders can book their rides through an app, providing all necessary details. Drivers can then acknowledge and fulfill the requests using the app's features. Additionally, the admin manages app and panel settings, along with payment settlements.