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Secure a world-class fleet business solution tailored to your specific needs by choosing to partner with a reputable taxi app development company.Whether you're launching a new taxi service or enhancing an existing fleet management system, collaborating with a dedicated team of developers ensures that your app meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

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Why Fleet Management Software Development is Necessary For Business Expansion?

The fleet service industry is anticipated to expand by $79.82 billion by 2030 owing to the increasing demand for fleet services. Therefore, it has become imperative for fleet management businesses to deliver an exceptional ride-hailing experience to the passengers with a tailored solution crafted by a professional fleet booking app development company.

Fleet booking app development is a sophisticated platform designed to enable businesses to connect passengers and drivers online. It empowers customers to book a ride through fully-featured apps or panels. The fleet app developers will furnish you with an advanced and comprehensive solution stack, granting complete control over your fleet business. The solution streamlines your ride-hailing operations, enabling automated management of rides booked by customers and the drivers offering the services. Rebuild introduces an impressive tech stack tailored to meet the specific needs of your business within the solution.

Advance Features of Our Fleet Management Solution

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track vehicles and assets in real-time, allowing for precise monitoring of their location, speed, and route deviations.


Set up virtual perimeters around specific areas and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit these zones, enabling better management of fleet activities

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Track driver behavior metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, and acceleration to promote safer driving practices and reduce fuel consumption.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Schedule regular maintenance tasks for each vehicle based on mileage or usage data, and receive alerts when maintenance is due to ensure optimal vehicle performance and safety.

Predictive Analytics

Utilize predictive analytics algorithms to forecast maintenance needs, optimize routes, and improve fleet efficiency based on historical data and real-time insights.

Performance Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports and analytics on various aspects of fleet operations, including vehicle utilization, driver performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance costs, and optimize resources.

Mobile Accessibility

Provide mobile applications for both drivers and fleet managers, allowing them to access essential features and data from anywhere, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

Fuel Management

Monitor fuel consumption and expenses, detect fuel theft or inefficiencies, and optimize fuel usage through route planning and driver behavior analysis.

Inventory Management

Keep track of vehicle parts, supplies, and equipment, including maintenance history and usage patterns, to ensure timely restocking and efficient resource allocation.

Driver Communication

Offer a customer portal where clients can schedule and track deliveries, view invoices, and communicate with customer support representatives, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

Customer Portal

Facilitate communication between dispatchers and drivers through messaging features integrated into the software, enabling real-time updates and instructions.

Electronic Logging Device

Ensure compliance with regulations by logging drivers' hours of service electronically and generating reports for regulatory authorities.

Third-Party Integration

Provide an API (Application Programming Interface) to allow integration with third-party services, enabling customization and expansion of the software's functionality according to specific business needs.

Integrated with CRM and ERP System

Integrate with enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems to streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and customer service.

How Our Fleet Management Solution Provides You With A Great Solution?

Support Global Platform

Our team of expert developers specializes in creating seamless solutions tailored to help you launch your ride-hailing app effortlessly on a global scale.

Reach Broad Audience

Feature-rich fleet management software solutions and web consoles empower businesses to reach a broad audience by delivering superior service.

Customization Support

Tailor your pre-built solution stack to perfectly align with your business needs, seamlessly integrating or updating any features as necessary.

24*7 Support

24/7 support ensures round-the-clock assistance and guidance for users, addressing any queries or issues they may encounter at any time.

Panels Crafted By Our Fleet Software Developers

Our dedicated fleet management software developers offer an advanced technological solution comprising multiple modules, elevating the standard of excellence for your fleet management business.

User App

Emergency Assistance

Provide access to emergency assistance features, including one-touch SOS buttons, emergency contact numbers, and safety tips.

Language and Localization

Support multiple languages and localized content to cater to users from diverse regions and linguistic backgrounds.

Integration with GPS

Seamlessly integrate with popular navigation services like Google Maps or Waze to provide users with accurate directions and route optimization.

Accessibility Features

Ensure the app is accessible to users with disabilities by incorporating features such as voice commands, screen readers, and adjustable font sizes.

Driver App

Schedule Trips and Dispatch

Allow drivers to view and manage scheduled trips assigned by dispatchers, including details such as pickup times, passenger information, and special instructions.

Safety Features

Incorporate safety features such as emergency buttons or panic alerts, enabling drivers to quickly request assistance in case of emergencies or security threats.

Trip History

Provide drivers with a history of past trips, including details such as dates, times, routes taken, fares earned, and passenger ratings.

Trip Management

Enable drivers to accept or reject trip requests, view trip details including pickup and drop-off locations, and navigate to destinations efficiently.

Admin Dashboard

Asset Tracking

This feature allows admins to track the location and status of vehicles and assets in real-time using GPS technology.

User Management

This feature allows the admin to manage user accounts, roles, and permissions within the system.

Driver Management

This feature allows admins to manage driver information, including contact details, license information, and performance.

Route Planning and Optimization

Admins can plan and optimize routes for vehicles to maximize efficiency, minimize fuel consumption, and reduce travel time.

Dispatcher Console

Job and Task Management

They can monitor the status of tasks, track progress, and make adjustments as needed to ensure timely completion.

Performance Monitoring

The dispatcher panel may provide tools for monitoring driver performance, including metrics such as on-time delivery, idle time, and fuel efficiency.

Compliance and Regulations

The dispatcher panel may include features to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Alerts and Notifications

Dispatchers can set up alerts and notifications for various events such as delays, route deviations, or maintenance.

Partner Console

Account Management

This includes updating contact information, managing user access, and configuring preferences.

Order Management

Partners can place orders for services or products related to fleet management, such as vehicle maintenance, fuel, or parts.

Service Requests

Partners can submit service requests for maintenance, repairs, or other services for fleet vehicles.

Inventory Management

They can track stock levels, update inventory counts, and receive alerts for low stock or replenishment needs.

User Panel

Document Management

Users can upload, store, and access documents relevant to their responsibilities, such as driver licenses, vehicle registration papers, or delivery receipts.

Training and Certification

Users can access training materials, complete certification courses, and track their training progress within the system.

Fuel Management

Users can record fuel purchases, track fuel consumption, and monitor fuel expenses.

Vehicle Inspection

Users can report vehicle defects, schedule maintenance appointments, and track vehicle maintenance history.

Driver Panel

ELD Compliance

The driver panel may include features to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements related to electronic logging.

Vehicle Inspection

They can report vehicle defects, document inspection results, and request maintenance if necessary.

Document Management

Drivers can upload, store, and access documents relevant to their responsibilities, such as driver licenses, vehicle registration papers, or delivery receipts.

Performance Metrics

Drivers can access performance metrics related to their activities, such as driving behavior, fuel efficiency, and on-time delivery rates.

Corporate Console

Integration With Other Systems

The corporate console may integrate with other systems such as accounting software, payroll systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to streamline business processes and data sharing.

Security and Access Control

Corporate administrators can manage user accounts, roles, and permissions within the system to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information and functionalities.


A customizable dashboard that provides an overview of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as fleet utilization, fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and driver performance.

Fleet Management

Corporate administrators can manage the entire fleet, including adding, editing, or removing vehicles, assigning vehicles to drivers, and tracking vehicle locations and statuses in real-time.

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