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List Of Features Available on Our Uber Clone’s Admin Panel

Keep an eye on operations of your business with A single admin panel

Admin Panel

Streamline your taxi booking business process with advance Admin panel

Advance Dashboard

Dashboard provides admin with insights into driver performance, number of active bookings, and overall system efficiency, facilitating informed decision-making for optimal service delivery.

Booking Details

Provides real-time information on all active bookings pending bookings and completed ride bookings, enables efficient management and oversight of the entire booking process.

Accept/Reject Booking

Allows easy acceptance or rejection of bookings, ensuring efficient management and optimal service allocation in the taxi booking app, like Uber taxi app.

Select Payment Methods

Allows customization of payment methods to users, to make the payment system easy and seamless while ensuring security.

Driver Database

Allows admin to manage and organize driver information efficiently, facilitating seamless driver monitoring, and performance tracking.

User’s Database

Manages and stores user information securely, enabling efficient user management and personalized services.

Account Settlement

Facilitates seamless financial transactions between drivers and the platform, ensuring transparent payment processing and accurate revenue distribution.

Promo Codes

Allows admin to generate and manage promotional codes for users, enabling discounts and incentives to be applied to rides, fostering user engagement and loyalty.

Subscription Plans

Enables admin to offer flexible payment options and tailored packages for frequent users, enhancing user engagement and revenue streams.

Discount Offers

Allows admin to create and manage promotional discounts for users, enhancing user engagement and increasing customer satisfaction.

Revenue Analytics

Provides comprehensive insights into earnings, including breakdowns by drivers, routes, and time taken in completion of ride.

Dark Mode

Offers a visually soothing interface, reducing eye strain during extended use while enhancing readability in low-light environments.

Blocked Users

Allows admin to restrict access and services to specific users who have violated terms or exhibited unacceptable behavior, ensuring a safer experience.

Blocked Drivers

Allows admin to restrict access and services for drivers who have violated terms or policies, ensuring passenger safety and quality service.

User/Driver Chat

Enables seamless communication between users and drivers, facilitating real-time updates, addressing inquiries, and enhancing overall ride experience.

Document Management

Allows seamless uploading, verification, and management of driver and vehicle documents, ensuring compliance and safety standards are met efficiently.

Loyalty Programs

Allows admin to reward frequent users with exclusive discounts and perks, fostering customer retention and enhances user satisfaction.

Tax Management

Streamlines tax calculations and reporting for drivers, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations while simplifying financial management.

Driver Management

Allows administrators to efficiently onboard, monitor their ride and manage drivers, ensuring seamless operation and service quality.

User Management

Allows admin to efficiently manage user accounts, including registration, authentication, and access control.

Driver’s Map View

Provides real-time tracking and monitoring of active drivers, ensuring efficient pickup and drop-off of the user who books the ride.

Track Drivers

Enables real-time monitoring of driver locations and activities, ensuring efficient fleet management and enhanced passenger safety.

Partner Earnings

Allows admin to track and manage earnings made by drivers or partners, facilitating transparent payment processes

Wallet Management

Allows seamless monitoring and management of user funds, facilitating easy transactions and enhancing user experience.

Transaction History

Provides a detailed record of all financial transactions, including fares collected, payments to drivers, and commissions earned, ensuring transparent financial management and accountability.

Completed Rides History

Provides a concise overview of all successfully concluded rides, offering administrators insights into past trips for tracking, analysis, and performance evaluation


Allows admin to define virtual boundaries on a map. It enables monitoring and triggering of notifications when taxis enter or exit designated areas, enhancing operational control and efficiency.

Red Zone Areas

Highlights high-demand regions or areas with potential surge pricing, aiding in dynamic pricing strategies and efficient allocation of resources

Set Ride Charge

Allows admin to establish dynamic pricing structures based on factors such as distance, time, and demand, ensuring fair fares for passengers and optimal earnings for drivers.

Add Country

allows for seamless expansion into new markets by enabling administrators to easily configure and manage country-specific settings and regulations.

Add Language

nhances accessibility and user experience for a diverse global audience, similar to Uber's language feature.

Add Sub Admin

Allows delegation of administrative tasks, streamlining management and enhancing operational efficiency, akin to Uber's functionality.

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