List of Features Available On Our Uber Clone Dispatcher Panel

Accept rides remotely with dispatcher panel and Manage the taxi bookings within the panel

Dispatcher Panel

Manage the rides and drivers easily

Seamless Login

Users can easily log in to their dispatcher panel with login credentials shared by the admin.

Assign Driver Manually

Drivers can be manually assigned to the ride or it can automatically assigned with the help of Geo-fence .

Map View

Distacher can easily keep track of the drivers on the map with their current location and status.

Active and Inactive Driver

Dispatchers can view the number of drivers with their active number and inactive number.

Active Rides Location

Dispatcher gets a real time view of the drivers ride from it starts to till it gets ended.

Drivers with Service Type

Dispatchers can filter the driver list in the drivers database based on their service type.

Dark Mode

They get the dark and light mode theme to adjust the panel's view according to their convenience.


Dispatcher has the multi language option ; they can choose the one in which they are comfortable.

Ride History

Alongwith Admin Panel Dispatcher has also the right to view the Ride History of the completed one.

Add User Details

While creating the trip dispatcher can add and share the details of the user with the driver.

Price Estimation

After selecting everything, the dispatcher can share the estimated fare of the ride with the ride requester.

Configure Pre and Post Tip

Dispatchers can configure the tip time, either its pre ride or post ride, deducted according to the selected rate.

Export Files

Dispatchers can export the customer details as well as of drivers, including their name, email, contact, address and so on.

Filter and Quick Search

Dispatchers can do a quick search for the drivers utilizing the filters, and search them with their name, email, status and so on.

Schedule Trip Requests

The trips that are scheduled by the users are listed in a separate sheet, which contains all the details about them.

Add and Manage Drivers

Dispatchers can add and manage the driver's details on the dispatcher panel.

Optimized Routes

Dispatchers can share the optimized route of the ride with drivers.


Dispatchers can add and manage required documents of the drivers.

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