Surya - UberEats Clone

Revolutionize the food delivery industry with Surya, an innovative food delivery app designed to redefine the traditional methods of delivery. With our food delivery platform, we unlock new business opportunities and ensure dominance in the competitive market.

What Is Uber Eats Clone and How it Helps Restaurant Business

Introducing Surya, an online food delivery app crafted as a strategic UberEats clone to efficiently provide ordering and delivery services to customers. Designed to meet the diverse needs of a broad customer base and optimize business operations, this solution comes equipped with modern features that not only engage customers effectively but also establish a competitive edge.

Surya comprises modules tailored for all users, including admin, customers, drivers, and stores, enabling seamless online business operations. The Uber Eats clone script module is specifically designed to streamline business flow without any hassle, ensuring a smooth experience for all stakeholders.

With food delivery app development, Take your food delivery business in a new direction, with custom modules and become a part of this lucrative market.

Automate Food Delivery Operations With Surya

Experience the comprehensive functionality of Surya, an UberEats clone platform enriched with contemporary features. This platform not only delivers a user-friendly experience to your customers but also empowers entrepreneurs to effortlessly oversee every activity.

Intuitive User Interface

Enjoy a seamless ordering experience with a user-friendly interface that ensures quick and efficient navigation.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Stay informed and track your food delivery in real-time, allowing you to anticipate the exact arrival of your order.

Customizable Preferences

Tailor your orders to specific preferences, including dietary restrictions and personalized meal options for a truly customized dining experience.

Secure Payment Options

Ensure hassle-free transactions with multiple secure payment options, providing users with a safe and convenient way to pay for their orders.

User Website

Offer and Discounts

Benefit from exclusive promotions and discounts showcased on the website, providing customers with cost-effective options and enhancing overall value.

Secure Checkout Process

Experience a secure and efficient checkout process with encrypted payment gateways, prioritizing the protection of customer information and fostering trust in online transactions.

Order History

Easily access and track order history, allowing customers to monitor their deliveries in real-time and keep a record of past transactions for convenience.

Responsive Design

Enjoy a consistent and optimal experience across various devices with a responsive design, ensuring accessibility and functionality on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Vendor Panel

Menu Management

Efficiently manage and update the restaurant's menu, including adding new items, updating prices, and categorizing dishes for a dynamic and appealing presentation

Inventory Control

Keep track of available ingredients and manage inventory levels to prevent overselling and ensure accurate order fulfillment.

Performance Analytics

Access detailed analytics and reports to evaluate sales performance, track popular dishes, and make data-driven decisions for business improvement.

Order Management System

Seamlessly handle incoming orders, view order details, and update order status in real-time, streamlining the overall order fulfillment process.

Vendor App

Real-Time Notifications

Receive instant notifications for new orders, ensuring vendors can promptly respond and prepare meals, leading to timely deliveries.

Delivery Tracking

Track the delivery process in real-time, allowing vendors to monitor the status of orders and provide accurate delivery estimates to customers.

Invoice Generation

Deliver comprehensive invoices to customers, ensuring transparency in every order. Include essential details like order quantity, base price, taxes, delivery charges, and location.

Menu Updates

Easily manage and update the restaurant's menu on the go, adding new items, modifying prices, and adjusting availability for a dynamic and responsive offering.

Admin Panel

User and Vendor Management

Maintain control over user accounts and vendor profiles, facilitating seamless communication and managing business relationships.

Content Management System

Easily update and manage content on the platform, including menus, promotions, and other relevant information, ensuring the website or app is always up-to-date.

Account Management

Monitor and manage financial transactions, including payment processing and commission tracking for vendors, ensuring transparent and accurate revenue management.

Analytics and Reporting

Access detailed analytics and generate comprehensive reports to gain insights into sales performance, user behavior, and overall business metrics.

Delivery Man App

Order Acceptance

Accept incoming delivery requests promptly, enabling efficient assignment and timely order fulfillment.

Order Status Updates

Keep customers informed by updating order statuses in real-time, providing accurate and timely information on the delivery process.

Earnings and Payouts

Access a comprehensive overview of earnings and manage payout information, ensuring transparency and facilitating efficient financial tracking.

Real-time Navigation

Utilize real-time navigation features to reach destinations swiftly, optimizing delivery routes and minimizing delivery times.

How Does White Label Food Delivery App Works?

Surya, tailored as a Ubereats clone for food delivery businesses, streamlines operations with an automated workflow, saving valuable time. This solution enables restaurants to establish a cohesive business model, delivering customers' favorite meals directly to their doorsteps. Offering dedicated apps and panels for a personalized user experience, Surya follows the successful UberEats business model, entering the food delivery space with robust monitoring capabilities. Here's a simplified breakdown of how it works:

Customer Ordering Process

Users utilize the website or application to search for their favorite and nearby restaurants, adding their addresses for accurate results. They can effortlessly select and order items from a well-organized menu, enhancing the overall user experience.

Restaurant Operations

Restaurants promptly receive order notifications and initiate preparation. Once the order is ready for dispatch, the restaurant assigns the nearest delivery provider to pick up the order.

Delivery Process

The assigned delivery provider accepts the request, picks up the order from the restaurant, and ensures timely delivery to the customers' location.This real-time workflow ensures a seamless and efficient process, making it easy for customers to enjoy their favorite meals at their convenience.

Explore The Configurations of Our UberEats Clone

Location Settings

Set geographic boundaries for service areas, defining where the platform accepts orders and delivers.

User Authentication

Configure secure user authentication settings, including login methods and account verification processes.

Multi Language & Currency Support

Configure language options and currency preferences to accommodate a diverse user base and global transactions

Analytics and Reporting

Configure analytics tools to track and analyze data related to user behavior, order trends, and overall platform performance.

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White Label Food Delivery App’s Features That Eases The Operations Of Food Delivery Business

Predictive Orderings

Utilize machine learning algorithms to predict users' preferences based on order history, facilitating quick and personalized ordering.

AR Menu Visualizatio

Allow users to visualize menu items using AR technology, providing an interactive and immersive experience before placing an order.

Voice Commands

Integrate voice recognition technology for hands-free navigation and order placement, catering to users seeking a convenient and accessible option.

Chatbot Assistance

Implement AI-powered chatbots to provide instant customer support, answer queries, and assist users throughout the ordering process.

Multi-Restaurant Orders

Enable users to order from multiple restaurants within a single order, providing a diverse dining experience in one delivery

Scheduled Orders

Allow users to schedule their food orders in advance, ensuring timely deliveries for planned events or meals.

Provide real-time order tracking with GPS technology, allowing users to monitor the exact location of their delivery in real time

Smart Reordering

Implement a feature that enables users to easily reorder their favorite meals with a single click, enhancing convenience and saving time.

Dynamic Delivery Fees

Utilize dynamic pricing algorithms to adjust delivery fees based on factors such as distance, demand, and time of day

Group Ordering

Allow users to create and manage group orders, facilitating collaborative ordering for social gatherings or office meals.

In-App Wallets

Implement secure in-app wallets for quick transactions and introduce loyalty programs to reward frequent users with discounts or exclusive offers

Nutrition Information

Provide detailed nutritional information for menu items, catering to health-conscious users and those with specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

Dynamic Recommendations

Offer personalized recommendations based on user preferences, order history, and trending items, enhancing the discovery of new and exciting dishes.

Order by QR Code

Prioritizing safety measures, our platform introduces a QR code scanning feature, enabling customers to access the digital menu effortlessly.

Smart Device Integration

Integrate the app with smart devices like smartwatches and smart refrigerators, enabling users to manage orders and receive notifications seamlessly

What Makes Our UberEats Clone Different From Others

Future-Ready Solutions

We design scalable solutions that can grow with your business, ensuring that your food delivery app remains efficient and effective as your user base expands.

Security and Compliance

Security is a top priority, and we implement robust measures to safeguard user data and ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.

Post Launch Support

Our commitment extends beyond the launch, providing ongoing support and maintenance to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure the continued success of your app.

User-Centric Design

Our focus is on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the overall user experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

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