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Being an on demand app development company we are offering you a top-notch and technology proof on demand pickup and delivery app. Which is built with the coding of advanced technologies. In this on demand pickup and delivery app you are getting a comprehensive solution which consists of Customer App, Agent App and Delivery App.

How Our Delivery Management Platform Works

Customer App

Agent App

Admin Panel Features

How Our App Works

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All our customer will have direct access to assigned tech team to set up their system and solve all of their queries if have any,



The cost to build on demand delivery app is influenced many factors, these factors consists:
  1. Platform where you want to launch the app
  2. Complexities of the app
  3. Features you want to offer in your delivery management platform
  4. Price on which you hired a on demand app development company
  5. UI/UX design of the pickup and delivery app

There’s a proper process to launch an app, each step takes time and it consists of Planning, Designing, Development, Testing and Deployment.

The on-demand delivery market continues to expand annually. The ease of receiving desired items at home or any location is fueling the popularity of mobile app delivery services, with a rising user base as mobile phone usage becomes more widespread. Consequently, investing in creating a pickup and delivery app is a wise decision for businesses looking to capitalize on this growing trend.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or startup, your primary concern should always be how to make money with on demand app development services. Here are some ideas

1. Delivery Fees

2. Delivery fee for peak

3. In app advertisement

4.In app paid features

The decision to include tipping services in your app hinges on your target audience and their tipping preferences. If your demographic is generally generous with tips, integrating this feature could be beneficial.