Complete List of our E-Delivery’s User App Features

Solution includes a dedicated User Panel for the Customers allowing seamless ordering system

User Login

Let users to access their account or log seamlessly using their email, phone number, or social media accounts.

Profile Management

Enable users to manage their personal information, delivery addresses, payment methods, and preferences.

Order Placement

Users can place delivery orders by selecting items from menus or entering specific items they want to be delivered.

Order Tracking

Provide real-time updates on the status of their orders, including order confirmation, preparation, dispatch, and estimated delivery time.

Delivery Tracking

Allow users to track the delivery process in real-time, including the location of the delivery person and estimated arrival time.

Payment Integration

Integrate various payment options such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets (e.g., PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay), or cash on delivery.

Order History

Users can view the history of past orders for reference, reorder, or leave feedback.

Rating & Reviews

Allow users to rate their delivery experience and leave reviews for both the delivery service and individual delivery persons.

Promotions & Discounts

Users can avail promotions, discounts and other available offers on their favorite items or purchases.

Push Notifications

Users receive real time push notifications regarding order status updates, promotions, or any relevant information.


Allow users to save their favorite items, restaurants, or stores for quick access during future orders portion sizes.

Customization Option

Provide options for users to customize their orders, such as specifying dietary preferences, adding special instructions, or choosing.

Multi Language

Offer support for multiple languages to cater to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Referral Program

Implement a referral system where users can refer friends and earn rewards or discounts on their next order.

Schedule Deliveries

Users can schedule deliveries for a specific date and time according to their convenience.

GeoLocation Services

Utilize GPS to detect the user's location and suggest nearby restaurants/stores or provide accurate delivery tracking.

Order Cancellation

Enable users to cancel or modify their orders within a specified timeframe before delivery.

Loyalty Programs

Enable users to cancel or modify their orders within a specified timeframe before delivery.

Loyalty Programs

Allow users to earn loyalty points or rewards for every order placed through the app, encouraging repeat business.

Accessibility Features

Ensure the app is accessible to users with disabilities by implementing features such as screen readers, voice commands, and high contrast modes.

Multiple Search Filter

Customers have the convenience of utilizing search filters such as tags, price, distance, and time, facilitating effortless navigation through the stores they seek

Checkout Screen

It contains comprehensive information regarding orders, customer profiles, store specifics, and payment gateways.

Change Delivery Address Before Checkout

Customers have the flexibility to modify their delivery address prior to placing an order, either by inputting the new address manually or selecting it directly from the map interface.

Tip Delivery Man

Customers have the option to include tips for the delivery personnel while placing their order, according to their preferences.

Change Password

Customers have the ability to reset their passwords using either their email address or phone number.

Add Favorite Delivery Address

Customers can save favorite addresses and can access that list from any device with the same credentials.

Chat with Driver

To address delivery inquiries or resolve any malfunctions, customers can utilize the chat feature to communicate directly with drivers or the support team.

Add delivery Instructions

While placing an order, customers have the option to include a delivery note for the address where the order will be delivered.

Review Stores

Customers have the ability to browse through delivery store reviews before making a selection, enabling them to analyze and choose the best option for their order.

Add Referral for Benefits

During registration, customers can input a referral code, and upon registration, they receive a unique referral code to share with others on the platform.

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