Complete Features List Of Our E-Delivery’s Store Panel

Store Panel

Manage tasks on panel

Simple Authentication

Stores can log in directly using their phone number and password, ensuring quick access with a single step.

Registration Process

New stores can register with detailed information such as name, email, country, etc., providing necessary details for account creation.

Quick Social Signup

Stores have the option to sign up using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Google ID for expedited registration.

Account Type Selection

Stores can choose between two account types - store or sub-store - at the time of logging in to access specific functionalities.

Password Recovery

Password recovery is available via email or phone number, allowing stores to regain access in case of forgotten passwords.

Referral Program

Stores can benefit from a referral code system, offering rewards for both the referrer and referee upon successful registration.

Document Upload

Stores are required to upload specific documents during registration for verification purposes, as requested by the admin.

Bank Details Integration

Stores can securely add bank details for transactions within the platform, facilitating seamless payment settlements.

Profile Management

Stores can manage profile details such as name, email, password, contact information, and location as needed.

Language Selection

Stores can choose from multiple language options provided by the admin for convenient app usage.

Password Change

Stores have the ability to update their passwords at any time by providing old and new password details.

Delivery Time Management

Stores can update their delivery time availability for each day of the week, which is visible to customers.

Store Hours Management

Stores can set their operating hours for each day of the week, informing customers about service availability.

Menu Creation

Stores can create and manage their menus by adding items, categories, subcategories, modifiers, and prices.

Modifier Association

Stores can associate modifier groups with menu items, providing customers with customizable options.

Category Management

Stores can organize menu items into categories and subcategories to streamline navigation for customers.

Substore Creation

Stores can create profiles for substores with access to designated screens within the store panel.

Delivery Provider Management

Stores can add and manage their own delivery providers and vehicles, subject to admin approval.

Promo Code Management

Admin can create and update promotional offers with specified time intervals and conditions.

Order Management

Stores can create, view, and manage orders for parcel, takeout, or delivery, including customer details.

Cancellation Fee Management

Restaurants have the flexibility to set charges for canceling table bookings and orders based on various factors.

QR Code Table Ordering

Stores have the capability to assign tables and generate QR codes, allowing customers to access the menu and place orders directly without the need to log in to the app or panel.

Tag-Based Item Sorting

Stores can assign tags to items based on their categories or characteristics, enabling customers to easily filter and find specific items, thereby reducing browsing friction.

General Settings Management

Stores have the ability to manage general settings such as business status, visibility, and customer accessibility, controlling whether the store is visible to customers or not.

Order Creation for Parcel Delivery

Stores can initiate orders on behalf of customers to deliver parcels to their specified addresses.

Free Delivery Settings

Stores have the option to offer free delivery to customers, subject to conditions such as a minimum order amount and a specified delivery radius from the store.

Data Import and Export

Menu items, order lists, earnings, and other relevant data can be imported to or exported from a spreadsheet, enabling offline access and management as needed'.

Chat with Delivery Personnel

Store owners have the capability to engage in real-time chat with delivery personnel for inquiries regarding orders, delivery services, addresses, and more.

Order Dispatch Methods

Stores have the flexibility to dispatch orders using two methods: manual assignment or automatic assignment to available and nearest drivers.

Substore Profile Creation

Stores can create substore profiles with restricted access, allowing them to access only designated screens within the store panel.

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