Complete List of Our Uber Clone’s Corporate Panel Feature List

Have a look on feature list of our Uber Clone’s Corporate Panel’s Feature list

Corporate Panel

Explore the feature list of Uber Clone’s Corporate Panel

Employee Profiles

Corporate panel allows admin to create and manage employee profiles including their basic information such as name, contact number, and department.

Ride Scheduling

Employees can schedule rides,and the admin can accept these rides efficiently, considering factors like pickup/drop-off locations.

Route Optimization

Corporate panel provides optimized route to the drivers to while maintaining travel time and costs complete the ride efficiently and on time.

Vehicle Management

Admin can manage employees' rides including tracking vehicle, maintenance schedules and assigning vehicles based on capacity and requirements.

Expense Tracking

Allows admin to track the expenses including details of each trip, calculates fare and integrates with accounting which streamlines the expense management.

Safety and Security Features

To maintain safety, the panel has employed features like driver background checks, real-time ride tracking and emergency assistance options.

Budgeting and Reporting

Features for setting and monitoring budgets for corporate travel, as well as generating reports on usage, spending, and travel patterns.

Employee Benefits and Rewards

Integration with corporate benefits programs or rewards systems, such as offering discounts or incentives for employees using the platform for business travel.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics and data visualization tools for gaining insights into corporate travel patterns, expenses, and opportunities for optimization.

Multi-Platform Support

Compatibility across various devices and platforms, including web browsers, mobile apps, and tablets, to ensure accessibility for all users within the organization.

Compliance and Regulation

Ensuring compliance with local regulations and corporate policies is essential, checks and facilitate adherence to relevant laws and guidelines

Integration with Corporate Systems

Seamless integration with other corporate systems and platforms, such as HR systems, travel management software, and accounting software.

Language Options

Cirporates has the multiple language options as given by the admin, anyone can choose one convenient language.

Export Files

Corporates can export a list of users, drivers including their details like name, email, and contact number to avail them in the offline format.

Price Estimation

After selecting the Pickup and Drop off location employee will get the estimated fare for the ride.

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