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Careem Clone App - Avail Services in A Single Solution

Introducing our Careem clone app – a versatile, all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates various services including food delivery, ride-hailing, home services, appointment booking, and more, addressing all customer needs under one platform. With meticulously designed scalable modules and captivating features, users can easily navigate through tasks while business owners swiftly capitalize on intelligent interfaces.

This comprehensive solution not only enriches user experiences through personalized modules for each stakeholder but also fosters transparent business processes. For entrepreneurs, attracting a vast customer base becomes effortless with a plethora of service options and instant recognition. By adopting an app like Careem, you can establish a distinctive presence in the competitive market landscape and generate profits through diverse channels

Elevate Your Business with Our Careem Clone Script

Explore the myriad modules of our Careem clone script, unveiling essential features and functionalities.

User App

Payment Options

Choose from a variety of secure payment methods including cash on delivery, e-wallets, or debit/credit card payments for added convenience.


Stay informed throughout the service process with timely updates on service status, as well as notifications regarding exclusive offers and discounts.

Save Bank Details

Save multiple card details securely for future transactions, enabling quick and hassle-free payments with just a few clicks.

Multiple Service Requests

Efficiently add multiple service entities to your cart and place requests seamlessly from a single screen, allowing for consolidated payments for added convenience.

User Panel

Real-Time Tracking

Track the location of the assigned driver in real-time for added convenience and safety.

Secure Payments

Make cashless transactions securely using integrated payment gateways.

Ratings and Reviews

Provide feedback on rides to maintain service quality and improve user experience.

In-App Chat

Communicate directly with drivers for any specific instructions or inquiries.

uber clone app for book a ride

Merchant App

Menu Management

Merchants can efficiently organize their menu by creating categories and subcategories, making it easier for customers to navigate and find desired items effortlessly.

Promotional Offers

Merchants have the flexibility to create enticing promotional offers, providing additional benefits to users for specific services, while configuring all the necessary conditions of the offer.

Historical Analysis

Customers, partners, merchants, and administrators can access comprehensive information on past service requests, whether completed or incomplete, facilitating better insights and decision-making.

Bank Details Storage

Merchants can securely store their credit/debit card information for convenient settlement of earnings, ensuring all necessary bank account details and associated documents are accurately provided.

uber app clone driver app for provide service

Merchant Panel
uber app clone driver app for provide service

Partner Management

Merchants can effortlessly add multiple partners from the panel, directly assigning them service requests and efficiently managing their activities through the platform.

Sub-Merchant Integration

Sub-merchants assist primary merchants in handling specific tasks allocated to them, providing them with necessary access within the app for streamlined operations.

Order Dispatch

Merchants can dispatch orders by either assigning them to partners based on algorithms to find the nearest ones or by directly allocating specific partners for each order.

Service Time Configuration

Merchants have the flexibility to set their service availability times for customers to place online orders, whether in terms of slots or on a full-day basis, with options to configure schedules for an entire week.

Partner App

Order Acceptance

Partners receive service requests, giving them the option to accept or decline based on their availability or other preferences, ensuring seamless online service provision.

Multiple Payment Options

Service partners can securely add multiple bank card details and select any of them to connect to e-wallet payment settlements facilitated by the admin, enhancing flexibility in financial transactions.

Customer Feedback

Partners can provide valuable feedback to customers, expressing their experience throughout the process through ratings and reviews, fostering transparency and improvement opportunities.

Service History

Partners have access to comprehensive records of past service transactions, containing detailed information about services or items, prices, and dates, facilitating efficient analysis and decision-making.

Admin Panel

Centralized Dashboard

Business administrators access a comprehensive dashboard displaying key business metrics such as earnings, profits, user count, and more, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Ad Management

Administrators can create targeted advertisements for merchants and businesses, specifying duration and customization options, ensuring effective visibility within customer modules.

Fee Configuration

Business administrators have the authority to set service charges based on service type and location, as well as define profit percentages for each, optimizing revenue generation and business sustainability.

City Expansion

The business footprint can be expanded by incorporating additional cities, with all operational aspects seamlessly managed through an intuitive and interactive dashboard, ensuring efficient scalability and growth.

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Features of Careem Clone Script

Live Tracking

Integrated live tracking features across all modules enable users, merchants, partners, and admins to monitor statuses in real-time, facilitating timely actions, notifications to stakeholders, and service guidance.

Digital Invoice

Each order generates a digital invoice within all modules, containing comprehensive details of items or services rendered, ensuring easy reference and accessibility whenever required.

Payment Preferences

Users can choose from various payment methods including cash, card, or e-wallets linked to their bank accounts, with the option to save multiple accounts for convenience.

Transaction History

The platform stores detailed transaction histories for users, merchants, and partners, allowing for analysis at any time, while providing admins with overarching insights into these activities.

Manage Profiles

Stakeholders can update, create, and maintain profiles within the platform, including details such as name, email, contact information, address, and profile picture, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across all modules.

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