Can You Build a Split Payments App Like Splitwise on a Budget?

Managing expenses and dividing bills among friends, colleagues, or groups can often be a daunting task. However, simplifying this process is possible by developing an application similar to Splitwise. This app facilitates the equitable distribution of bills among friends, streamlining the task effortlessly.


In our detailed blog, we delve into the essential features, the technology stack required, and the estimated cost involved in creating a bill-splitting application like Splitwise. Whether it’s seamless bill division, user-friendly interface, or efficient functionalities, our blog will provide insights into developing an app that simplifies group expenses.


What is a Bill – Splitting Application?


A bill-splitting application simplifies the task of dividing expenses among friends or family, alleviating the stress of tracking who owes what. Apps like Splitwise streamline expense monitoring, management, and sharing among coworkers, eliminating the need for cumbersome calculations and paperwork.


Moreover, certain apps offer the added convenience of linking your bank account details, enabling immediate bill payments. Unlike conventional banking or money transfer applications, bill-splitting apps feature user-friendly interfaces tailored for use by students, young adults, groups, or colleagues.



How Does Bill Splitting App Work?


Prior to diving into the steps involved in creating a bill-splitting app akin to Splitwise, it’s beneficial to grasp its operational mechanism. The workflow of such an app is straightforward and user-friendly. Before delving into its intricacies, take a moment to watch this informative video that provides an overview.


The primary purpose behind bill split applications is to streamline the process of dividing payments, removing the inconvenience associated with splitting expenses. These apps allow users to effortlessly split amounts within seconds. One of their standout features is their ability to send notifications to all involved parties, keeping everyone informed about their respective shares and updating payment statuses.


To truly grasp the convenience and utility of these apps, exploring the specifics of who can benefit, when they can be used, and how they simplify the process becomes essential.


For Corporates


Imagine a scenario where a company is organizing a corporate travel arrangement, and each employee is responsible for contributing towards the expenses. This is where you can hire a mobile app developer to build a bill splitting app. They can create an app tailored to calculate the budget, ensuring every individual contributes equally. Through this app, each employee is instantly informed of their respective contribution for the trip and can seamlessly make payments utilizing the in-app payment feature.




Consider a situation where you’re sharing accommodation with roommates and need to divide the monthly rent. Rather than going through the hassle of manual calculations, utilizing a bill-splitting app can expedite the process efficiently, ensuring a swift resolution for splitting the rent among all roommates.


Friends or Colleagues


When dining out with friends or colleagues, the moment arrives to settle the bill and determine each person’s share. To effortlessly handle the payment without the need for individual inquiries, employing a bill-splitting app becomes essential.


These scenarios represent just a few instances where bill-splitting apps prove immensely helpful. However, before embarking on the creation of a bill-splitting app akin to Splitwise, let’s delve into its operational mechanisms. Let’s explore the intricacies to better understand its functionality.



How Does an App-Like Splitwise Make Money?


There are various ways to make money with a money splitting app like splitwise. Let’s checkout those ways:




By enabling online advertisers to support the app, it remains free for users—a common strategy adopted by apps, including Splitwise, which has seen considerable success with this advertising model. Reports consistently highlight advertising as one of the most lucrative revenue streams for mobile applications.


Membership Plan


Another effective method to generate revenue from your app involves offering a premium membership. Users have the option to purchase a membership, granting access to advanced features and an ad-free experience within the app.


Splitwise adopts this approach through ‘Splitwise Pro,’ a membership plan that offers additional benefits to its u yond the standard features.


Transaction Fees


Additionally, a bill-splitting application has the capability to levy a specific fee per transaction when used with online platforms such as PayPal.


Key Features of Bill Splitting App Like Splitwise


Curious about the functionalities of a Splitwise-like app? In this segment, we’ll delve into the key features endorsed by an iPhone app development firm, essential for an application akin to Splitwise.


User Panel


Applications need a user-friendly interface enabling easy login and registration for initial usage. The user panel should boast simplicity in navigation and functionality, ensuring seamless access to the app’s services.


In-App Calculator


This feature streamlines the process, allowing users to input the amount directly and effortlessly divide expenses among friends and colleagues, eliminating the hassle of managing paperwork.


Add Bank Details


To facilitate a cashless experience, enabling users to input their credit/debit card information allows for direct transfer of funds to the intended recipient’s account.


Authentication and Security


Security is paramount when utilizing any FinTech application, especially concerning monetary transactions. Given that bill-splitting apps handle financial matters, ensuring robust encryption within your app is imperative.


Add Expense Details


Grant users access to comprehensive bill and money transfer details from each group member. This feature empowers responsible members to track payments received and outstanding dues, facilitating transparent accountability within the group.


Link Credit Cards


Enabling users to link their credit cards to their accounts and facilitating direct cashouts into their bank accounts would greatly enhance the app’s functionality. These features are pivotal for the success of a split-bill application. Additionally, integrating other payment gateways could further expand the app’s versatility.


Expense Estimate


Through the app’s split bill functionality, users gain insight into their upcoming expenditures and obligations for the month. This encompasses the split bill amounts, recurring expenses, and additional financial insights, aiding in budget planning and management.




In this modern age, utilizing bill-splitting apps presents a remarkable convenience for many. However, crafting such an app with optimal functionality, a user-friendly interface, and a robust backend poses a significant challenge for businesses. Hiring a mobile app developer is proficient in integrating the right features and designing for revenue generation becomes crucial. But the question remains: where to find top-notch app developers?


Enter Rebuild, stepping in to aid you in hiring dedicated app developers equipped with extensive industry experience for your project. If you have specific app development needs and seek a proficient team, feel free to submit your query below or reach out to us for estimations. We’re here to assist you.

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